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6400 Fire Alarm Control Panel

The Protec Algo-Tec™ 6400 is a fully distributed, networked interactive digital addressable fire detection and alarm system, ideally suited for medium and large sized buildings such as hotels, offices, universities, hospitals and complex industrial and commercial sites. Designed and manufactured by Protec, to comply with EN 54-2 & 4, the system architecture has been developed to provide a seamless network of Display and Control Nodes (6400/DCN’s) and Loop Processing Nodes (6400/LPN’s). The nodes can be located to suit the site structure and for convenience of wiring, enabling the loop and sounder circuit cabling to be wired locally to the nearest 6400/LPN and displayed at any 6400/DCN around the network. This eliminates the problem of routing all the system wiring to one central location, usually in the reception of a building or a security lodge with restricted space or access. The integrity of the system is also increased as the network is secure and an isolated incident cannot render the entire system inoperative.

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