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9100EN 1 Amp Power Supply

The Protec 9100EN 1A/ 24 volts switch mode power supply has been designed for use in building fire systems and access control applications. This power supply is fully compliant and approved to the latest EN54 Part 4.

The 9100EN includes intelligent battery charging, mains and battery monitoring with a volt free relay contact fault output for remote monitoring.

The 9100EN output features electronic short circuit protection under both mains and standby battery operation.

Maximum battery life is assured through continuous active battery monitoring and the use of an intelligent charger with temperature compensated final float phase depending upon battery condition.

Deep discharge protection prevents premature battery failure when operating from standby for extended periods.

The inclusion of LED status indicators provides quick diagnostics to the user and/ or engineer.

The 9100EN power supply is capable of charging a battery up to 2 x 12V 3.3Ah capacity.

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