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Cirrus Pro 200DSC

The new range of Cirrus Pro Series Aspirating Fire Detectors provide a solution for almost any aspirating system project, from a simple single pipe detector with minimum ‘Fire’ and ‘Fault’ LED indications to a multiple pipe scanning detector with multifunction quarter VGA backlit LCD display. Programming for each detector is via a laptop computer or from an onboard or remotely mounted LCD display. The Cirrus Pro 200DSC ‘Cloud Chamber’ aspirating fire detector For use with up to a total of 200mtrs of 25mm diameter sampling pipe. Four ‘individually identifiable’ sampling pipe ‘inlet’ ports, single sampling pipe ‘exhaust’ port. LED status indication of Common Fault, Power, Pre-alarm, Fire 1, Fire 2, Fire 3 alarm conditions Internal buzzer ‘Silence’ button, detector alarm ‘Reset’ Button. Multifunction Quarter VGA back lit LCD and programmer. May be networked with other Cirrus Pro Series aspirating detectors

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