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Cirrus Pro Locator

The Cirrus Pro Locator is the industries first handheld portable air sampling detector that can help guide you to an impending fire threat. Cirrus Pro Locator is the latest product in the Cirrus Pro Series range of aspirating fire detectors which utilise the unique cloud chamber detection principle. When not in use the detector is provided with a battery charger designed to be continuously powered.When required the detector is powered from an on board battery enabling the detector to be used almost anywhere. As with all cloud chamber detectors false alarms are reduced to a minimum as this technology is unaffected by dust and environmental changes. Operation Many true incipient fire conditions can be difficult to locate. Using the flexible lance of the detector, together with the various detector sensitivity settings enables air samples to be taken in many different locations to guide the operator towards the source of the fire threat. When the detector is switched on it will automatically set to its most sensitivity setting. Simply walk through an area and identify where the detector LED and audible alarms are strongest. Manually change the sensitivity setting of the detector and repeat as above. As the sensitivity levels are gradually reduced the alarm indicators will remain high as you are guided towards the origin of the fire threat. Applications The Cirrus Pro Locator can be used in conjunction with any fixed air sampling detection system to further identify the origin of a potential fire threat. Because the Locator is so portable and so easy to use it can sample air in even the most restricted environments. Some of the many applications for this device include true localised sampling within electrical or mechanical cabinets. The checking of electrical distribution boards, computers, UPS and process control systems. The checking of confined spaces such as suspended ceilings and other compartments. The Cirrus Pro Locator may be used to assist with the identification of a suspected threat when there is an ‘electrical odour’ or when it is thought that ‘something may be burning.’

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