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Colour Graphics System Hercules 6

A series of graphics screens show the position of all addressable devices and provides a visual indication of their status. An easily used selection system permits rapid selection of a particular screen.

A Tree View system is utilised to navigate across the whole system with relative ease.

To help locate particular devices complicated areas are broken down into a series of sub screens. Flashing crosshatched sections indicate the location of a device during an Alarm, Fault or Disablement condition. Follow the flashing sections (with a single click of the mouse) to find the exact location of the device.

A data network transfers control commands and data between networked panels. One or more of these panels is used to translate these signals and transmit them to PCs running the Hercules software. The PC processes this system information and indicates on the display as appropriate.

Multiple panel systems require only one such interface for full system information.

Multiple systems can be connected to a single Hercules 6 for display and logging, with no cross system interaction.

Events generated by individual devices are displayed indicating their exact geographical position. Other, non-device specific, events are displayed as messages on the screen. All events are logged in the log, which can be easily displayed and can be sorted and searched using various methods. The log can be backed in CSV format for archive and analysis purposes. Printer options allow the printing of the log as required.

Integrated Event Logging System
A resizable window listing all current events in date order can (optionally) be displayed, either incorporated on a single display or separately on a second display from the same PC. The system can be set up to require a ‘cause’ to be added to the event before it is removed from the current events list. A selection of reasons is programmable by the users, which are selected with a single mouse click, or text can be entered when the list is not appropriate.

Multiple Access Levels
High level user programmable user names and passwords with for various levels of access.

Open Protocol
The RS232 protocol from Protec Fire Alarm Control panels is freely available for third party companies to monitor and/or control the operation of the system. Offering centralised information when used with multi- discipline systems.

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