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Dementia Care Solutions (QT630, QT637, QT636)

Quantec now includes a range of equipment specifically designed to enhance the level of
care for people suffering from dementia and other degenerative illnesses, including:-
– The QT630 Dementia care controller – for use in specialist dementia care bedrooms.
Includes all of the inputs, outputs, timers and power needed for the connection of QT638
PIRs, QT637 enuresis/bed exit interfaces, QT639 LED lights and more. Can be configured
to operate in a multitude of ways to suit the application (e.g. to automatically switch lights
on and off when movement is detected to guide patients to and from ensuite areas).
As well as being compatible with our QT630 dementia care controller, the following devices
can connect to existing Quantec systems via a compatible addressable call point:-
-QT637 Enuresis/Bed Exit interface socket (includes two remote jack sockets, one for a
QT635 enuresis (bedwet) sensor and one for a QT633 bed exit mat).
– QT636 Interface unit c/w remote socket (can be configured to accept n/o or n/c ancillary
devices such as QT633 bed exit mats, QT634 chair exit mats, etc.).

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