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ILD500 Audio Induction Protec Loop Amplifier

The ILD500 is a professional audio induction loop driver with unsurpassed clarity of sound for both music and speech for superior intelligibility. Based on proven and highly reliable technology it is backed by an unrivalled 5 year warranty. Improved power output provides outstanding value without compromise. It boasts all the usual features found on this equipment such as metal loss correction and is compatible with our unique Ultra-low Spill™ technology. The ILD500 is a compact and elegant unit suitable for freestanding, wall mounting or rack mounting. Perimeter Loops – Area Coverage For any Induction Loop System, area coverage is dependent on several factors. Please check these assumptions and contact Ampetronic us for advice if required: Loop must be 1-2m above or below the receiver height. There should be no metal structures in the plane of the loop. Sufficient voltage to drive the loop. Low Overspill or Low Loss Systems ILD500 amplifiers are designed for use in combination with Ultra-Low Spill™ technology. This will require an SP5 phase shifter and an array design. Used to drive an array, two ILD500s can: Minimise ‘spill’ – confines signal to within 1.5m of room, suitable for adjacent rooms e.g. cinemas, classrooms, or confidential rooms. Compensate for high losses due to metal structures – the only effective solution for high loss environments to meet IEC60118-4. Applications Include: Conference facilities Theatres Sports halls Educational environments Confidential rooms Courts Lecture Halls

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