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Infrared/Radio Transmitters & Pendants (QT412, QT432, QT432W)

- Allow patients and staff to remotely trigger calls via Quantec’s infrared call points, ceiling receivers & radio receivers. Four variants are available:- - QT412 Rechargeable staff attack transmitters - allow staff in high-risk environments to generate ‘attack’ calls - QT432 Patient neck pendants with anti-ligature lanyards - allow patients to trigger ‘standard’ calls - QT432W Patient wrist pendants with adjustable wrist straps - allow patients to trigger ‘standard’ calls - QT432A Staff Attendance pendants - allow staff entering rooms to log their attendance in Quantec’s datalogger or Surveyor software. - All variants can be optionally programmed with a unique User ID using a QT423 configurator. Different call levels can also be assigned to certain models to suit the application. - Various charger options available for QT412 transmitters. - QT432 range pendants have user-replaceable batteries.

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