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MLD MultiLoop Driver

The new global benchmark for professional audio induction loop amplifiers. The most efficient and high performance loop drivers available, with each dual channel amplifier requiring only a single 19” rack mount. MLDs reduce the cost and size of rack space by 50-90% relative to the closest competitors. Class leading thermal design minimises size and provides unrivalled robustness. Front inlet variable speed fan cooling for optimum rack integration, eliminating the requirement for empty rack spaces to prevent overheating. New self protection and thermal management systems are included for fit and forget reliability. Each MultiLoop™ driver is designed to provide optimum efficiency for a wide variety of loop layouts. Providing ample current to meet IEC60118-4: 2006 requirements, the MLDs have unmatched voltage headroom for delivering full frequency response and crystal clear sound reproduction. Each driver has two separate output channels to drive two separate loop cables, featuring the most stable and accurate 90° phase shift available. Phase shift can be selected or deselected dependent on loop layout. The MLD9 provides the highest output available in any dual output amplifier, capable of driving areas of up 3,300m² when installed in conjunction with a MultiLoop™ system design, and also features Class G technology to reduce power consumption and heat dissipation by up to 60%. MLD units are also designed for versatility, with 2 configurable inputs to cope with any scenario, usable freestanding, wall mounted or rack mounted with the included brackets. All MultiLoop™ units are built to exacting standards and are backed by a 5 year warranty.

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