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Modular Power Amplifiers

This VA Amplifier System is a modular, fully monitored, solution for Public Address and Voice Alarm applications. The system integrates directly with the VAR range of Routers and the ACU01 Amplifier Control Unit.

The system comprises 3 types of product:

• Mainframe
• Amplifier Modules
• Interface Cards

The V400 Mainframe provides: housing, signal and data interconnection, monitoring electronics and power supplies and accommodates a range of power amplifier modules and their interface cards.

Each mainframe has four “slots” labelled 1 to 4 from left to right as viewed from the mainframe front. A 100Wmodule occupies one “slot”, a 200W amplifier 2 “slots” and a 400W amplifier 4 “slots”.
The mainframe can house any of the following four combinations of amplifier modules:
4 x 100W, 2 x 200W, 1 x 400W, or 2 x 100W + 1 x 200W(200Wmodule to be fitted to left side of mainframe)

Amplifier modules are inserted from the front of the mainframe and are protected by a front panel chosen to suit the configuration of amplifier types. Interface cards (which may also serve line surveillance and standby amplifier switchover functions) ae inserted from the rear of the mainframe to connect to the amplifier modules. Blank panels cover unused rear-panel spaces.

The mainframe its amplifiers and interface cards can be monitored and controlled by the VAR Router or ACU01 Amplifier Control Unit via an “AudioCAN” bus connection. Any faults occurring in the amplifier system will be recorded and displayed by the VAR or ACU01.

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