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Outreach Plates

A range of wall, ceiling and desk mountable single gang audio input plates specifically designed to increase the audio input capability of any audio system. A total of six plates are available - one to suit virtually every conceivable variant of audio input connector - and each featuring a built-in mixer, pre-amp, input level control and balancing output. Up to ten plates of any mix can be daisychained to one balanced line level input with cable lengths in excess of 100m easily achievable using standard two-pair audio cable (i.e. Beldon 8723) with no recognisable degradation of audio signal quality. All plates are surface mountable on 25mm single gang back boxes and can be installed at the most convenient point on an installation, thus overcoming the need for long and potentially hazardous microphone/audio leads. The system is ideal for conference centres, schools, leisure complexes, etc., where the need to have separate and spatially distributed audio inputs is a must. An external d.c. power supply (part no. APV) is available for stand-alone systems or for use with audio equipment that does not have a 12/24V auxiliary output.

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