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Quantec Controller (QT601-2)

– Supplies power to the system, monitors all network devices and manages the routing and
distribution of all calls.
– Provides connections for network wiring, standby batteries, laptops (for system
programming), alphanumeric paging/DECT equipment, a printer (to print datalogging
information) and a PC (to run Quantec’s QT707S Surveyor data management software).
– Includes a library of 40 pre-set & 45 custom place names.
– System setup requires a laptop PC running Quantec’s QT707 programming tools.
– Can be mounted semi-flush using an AFP385 bezel or fully-flush using a BF359/3S
stainless steel enclosure.
– System wiring requires one or more QT603 network splitters. Wiring should be made in a
spine and limb arrangement using 1.5 to 2.5mm2 T&E (spines) and 4 to 8 core stranded
security cable (limbs).

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