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SI30 Modulator

The SI 30 is a wideband modulator with an integral radiator. It can be switched be tween operation on channel 1 (2.3 MHz), channel 2 (2.8 MHz) and stereo operation. Due to its compact size and relatively low radiating power, the SI 30 modulator/radiator is an ideal choice for smaller or medium-sized rooms, for covering recesses or for applications which require transmission of audio information to well defined zones, e.g. in museums. Features Compact radiator and modulator/radiator for the carrier frequencies 2.3MHz and 2.8 MHz Easy installation and precise alignment Delivery includes: 1 x SI 30 modulator/radiator, 1 x AF connection cable, 3.5 mm stereo jack plug to Texas connector, length 2 m, 1 x 3.5 mm/1/4“ stereo jack adaptor

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