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Toilet Call System

The Protec toilet call system has been designed to meet the latest DDA requirements, BS8300 and various other care standards. It is a very simple system to install and expand. There are three parts to a typical kit. All three parts fit a standard single gang back box. Each unit is supplied with a white plastic single gang surface back box. Extra items can be ordered if expansion is required. Pull Cord Unit The pull cord unit is supplied with a red plastic ring. An extra ring is provided to conform to ‘Approved Document M’. The second ring should be fitted lower down near floor level. Activating a call is simply made by pulling the cord. This will activate the reassurance indicator on the pull cord unit. This will in turn illuminate the reset unit and trigger the internal sounder. At the same time the Overdoor indicator/sounder unit will illuminate and trigger it’s own internal sounder. Reset Unit The reset unit has a blue engraved legend ‘RESET’. When a call is activated the reset switch illuminates and the internal sounder activates. The call is reset by simply pressing the reset switch. The reset switch is supplied with Braille legend on the switch piece. Overdoor Lamp / Sounder / PSU The Overdoor indicator/Sounder unit is supplied with an integral Power supply unit. A fused spur should be fitted nearby and wired to this unit to provide power. As detailed above this unit will illuminate and sound as soon as a call is activated. The unit will cease once the reset switch is pressed.

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