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VAR Audio Routers

The VAR4, VAR12 and VAR20 are DSP based Voice Alarm & Public Address routers, allowing routing of 4, 12 or 20 audio inputs to any combination of 4, 12 or 20 outputs. In addition to audio routing these units provide full system control and fault reporting functions for ASL’s rack mount Intellevac Voice Alarm systems. This includes the monitoring and control of up to 64 amplifier mainframes (V400 and X400) and their associated amplifier interface card/surveillance units.

The VAR4 router provides digital storage for 2 x 66 second and 2 x 50 second DVA messages, four audio outputs, and four universal mic/line inputs. Each input can be used with an ASL multi-zone paging microphone, Fire Microphone, Station Announcement Point, or other source. Allcall or zoneable Fire Microphones may be connected to inputs 1 & 2. These act as allcall failsafe override microphones in the event of processor failure, as required by BS5839 Pt 8.

Fire alarm interfacing is built in, as are numerous routing and general control inputs. A serial control port enables interfacing to advanced DVA or site control systems, and gives the router the ability to be remotely monitored and configured. There are many other built in functions which are accessible via the front panel LCD display or the PC based Router Configuration Tool.

The router has a front panel display and control interface for commissioning the system, fault monitoring, diagnostics and audio monitoring. Access to all configurations settings is controlled by 4 digit PIN code.

The VAR12 has all functions of the VAR4, but offers 12 universal audio inputs, 12 audio outputs, and storage for 4 x 66 second and 4 x 50 second DVA messages.

The VAR20 again has all functions of the VAR4, but offers 20 universal audio inputs, 20 audio outputs, and storage for 6 x 66 second and 6 x 50 second DVA messages.

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