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VAR8-N Networked DSP Audio Router

The VAR8-N is a Networked DSP-based Audio Router, which comprises the VAR8 DSP Audio Router plus the Intellevac Network Interface Card. The Router allows routing of audio inputs to any combination of outputs. The Network Interface Card interfaces the VAR8-N to an Intellevac network, allowing broadcast of announcements and DVAs initiated from the Control Unit or any microphone connected to it. The unit may either operate in stand-alone mode, connected to a local fire alarm panel, or be networked to form a larger distributed Voice Alarm system.

The VAR8-N Router includes digital storage for 4 DVA messages, provides 8 audio outputs, and 8 universal Mic/Line inputs, each of which can support our multi-zone Paging Microphones. A ninth input is provided for miscellaneous functions such as background music. Inputs 1 & 2 support Fire Microphones, which act as All-Call override in the event of processor failure, as required by BS5839 Pt 8.

In addition to audio routing the VAR8-N provides full system control and fault reporting functions for our rack mount Voice Alarm systems. The control functions include the monitoring and control of up to 64 V400 Amplifier Mainframes, associated amplifiers, and surveillance interface cards.

The VAR8-N built-in fire alarm interfaces include 10 opto-isolated sounder circuits, two RS232/485 serial interfaces and a common fault relay. The base unit VAR8-N can have a built-in EXP8 Interface Expansion Board, which provides additional 10 opto-isolated interfaces and separate A&B output connections for driving A&B amplifiers for interleaved speaker circuits. The expanded version is known as VAR8-NE.

Built-in routing and general control inputs enable interfacing to advanced DVA or site control systems. A serial control port gives the Router the ability to be remotely monitored and configured.
The Router also has a front panel display and control interface that provides functions for system commissioning, fault monitoring, and audio monitoring. Alteration of the system configuration is controlled by an access PIN code.

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